The purpose of this page is to provide information and links about Quadrifilar Helix Antennas. I built the QFH to receive images from the NOAA Weather Satellites orbiting the earth. How to make an effective QFH (quadrifilar helix) antenna for receiving weather satellites in the 137 MHz band, using PVC pipe and co-axial cable. WRAA quarifilar helix antenna for weather staellite receiving The Quadrifilar Helix Antenna – Article about quadrifilar helix antennas, electrical and physical characteristics, difference between quadrifilar and conventional helix Design and Construction Built to the dimensions given in these tall thin QHA pages using 40mm plumbing waste pipe and 8mm microbore tubing. A Quadrifilar Helix Antenna for 137 MHz De George Goodroe, KF4CPJ. An extremely narrow version of the QFH Paul’s Weather Satellite and Waffle Page Dartcom are manufacturers of weather satellite and remote sensing ground stations for receiving and processing LRIT, HRIT, HRPT, CHRPT, SeaWiFS, AHRPT, LRD and GVAR data from.

A Quadrifilar Helix Antenna for 137 MHz By George Goodroe, KF4CPJ. After I became a licensed amateur radio operator in August of 1995, I received a QST magazine which had an. This Web Page describes the function and construction of the Quadrifilar Helix Antenna designed by G2HCG and G0HPO for the reception of signals transmitted by. There are a few links at the foot of the page – if.
QFH Antenna

Fresh from the shops of VE6AB, the QFH Antenna
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